North east Worship Camp

I met Jesus in a powerful way at summer camp, and from that point on I craved more of Him, whatever that meant.  Growing up, I felt different from everyone around me (I’m sure all of my “creative feeler” types can relate), but ever since the day I met Jesus for the first time in August of 1998, I felt even more different.  A “call,” if you will.
At 10 years old it wasn’t super deep, but as I grew through my teen years I felt the stirring more and more.  It was a sense that I was meant for something greater than the life that people were telling me to pursue.  To be honest, it was actually annoying from time-to-time!  I wanted to care about money.  I wanted to care about career.  All of my friends seemed to care about those things, but I knew that there was more.  I knew I was called to worship.
Throughout the years, I have found that one place where God constantly meets me is in worship.  Some of the most impactful moments in my life have happened during worship.  I once felt what I can only describe as a “bear hug” from Jesus, and it changed my life.  There is nothing like feeling a bear hug from Jesus while you are crying at the altar and pouring out your heart!  That was the moment I felt the Lord calling me to ministry, and the moment in Bible college where He shifted the trajectory of my life (just by that simple bear hug).
I started North East Worship Camp because I believe that connection with God is the only answer to whatever life throws at us.  Worship is the way to not only survive but also to thrive in this messy world.  I am convinced that when you encounter the Lord in worship your perspectives shift, problems fade, worries decrease, and love opens its big, wide arms and stretches further.  While we don’t worship to get something from Jesus, I believe Jesus is gracious enough to give us a touch of His glory and goodness as we glorify Him.  He’s just that good!

When we encounter the living God, we begin to understand that we are supposed to feel different and be different.  The world would say that “religion” isn’t needed, and if there is a God, He “just wants you to be happy.”  North East Worship Camp exists because we are different, and we are supposed to change the world.

At NEWC, we do not care about accolades.  We do not care about money.  We want to see the glory of God manifested in the lives of worship leaders and musicians in the northeast.  The Lord is raising up a generation passionate about encountering Him because they know that the only sustainable life is lived in His presence and through His power.  All of this begins with worship. 

It was in worship that I first met Jesus.  It is in worship that Jesus continues to prove himself to me time and time again as I push past my thoughts, feelings, and circumstances to confess my need and pour out my love for Him.  I invite you to join me this summer at North East Worship Camp as we encounter the Lord together, believing that God is going to change this region as we return to our first love in worship.   

Because He is worthy of every song.  Because He is worthy of every high and every low. 

Because He is Worthy.